Ballot Recommendations

Proposition 128

Vote no on this anti-voter proposition that will allow the legislature to overturn any ballot measure passed by the voters.

Proposition 129

Vote no on this measure that will limit citizens' initiatives to a single issue. The policy issues we face in Arizona are complex and require solutions that go beyond what a single subject limitation allows.

Proposition 132

Vote no on this measure that would require a supermajority (60% of vote) to pass an initiative instead of a simple majority.

Proposition 209

Vote yes on the Protect Arizonans from Predatory Debt Collection Act


Proposition 211

Vote yes on the Voters' Right to Know Act to shine the light on dark money.

Proposition 308

Vote yes on this measure providing in-state tuition for our Deferred Action for Children Arrivals (DACA) students.

Proposition 309

Vote no on this anti-voter measure that puts additional burdens on a citizens' right to vote.